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7 Things Every Leader Ought To Know About Employing Millennials

7 Things Every Leader Ought To Know About Employing Millennials

I have a confession: i really like dealing with Millennials.

As a Gen Xer, that puts myself at chances with more than additional Gen Xers and middle-agers exactly who love to complain about a lack of work ethic, poor sentence structure or even the feeling of entitlement they feel Millennials bring to the office.

I just don’t find it the same exact way. You will find worked with several Millennials on our team at Connexus Church and here behind-the-scenes here to my website and podcast.

Considering that the eldest Millennials are moving 40, a beneficial chunk of one’s staff could be Millennials (they’re barely kids anymore). In fact, Millennials are increasingly being the greatest generation within the labor pool, outpacing even the Boomers that are retiring. So it’s quite essential we find this generational pressure away.

Become Millennials various? Really, without a doubt. Every generation has its quirks. Mine does as well.

But just learn this, old leaders: It’s difficult to mobilize a generation your move the sight at.

Discover no less than 7 distinct traits of Millennials I’ve reach appreciate as I’ve learned ideas on how to work with all of them, lead all of them and even befriend all of them.