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Condom use at last gender by young men in Ethiopia: the result of descriptive and injunctive norms

Condom use at last gender by young men in Ethiopia: the result of descriptive and injunctive norms


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Condoms tend to be a significant avoidance technique in sign of HIV and sexually transmitted bacterial infections as well as unintended maternity. Individual-level aspects of condom incorporate feature family members service and link, strong connections with instructors and various other students, discussions about sex with pals and colleagues, greater sensed economic standing, and better levels of degree. Little, however, is known concerning effect of social norms on condom utilize among teenage boys in Ethiopia. This study examines the end result of descriptive and injunctive norms on condoms use at last gender utilising the theory of normative social attitude.


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A cross-sectional survey was applied with 15-24 year old male youth in five Ethiopian areas in 2016. The analytic test was actually limited to sexually active single teenagers (n = 260). Descriptive statistics, bivariate and multivariate logistic regressions comprise done. An interaction phrase ended up being included in the multivariate design to evaluate whether injunctive norms moderate the connection between descriptive norms and condom use.


The descriptive standard of understanding a friend that has ever before used condoms significantly increased respondents likelihood of making use of condoms eventually sex. The injunctive standard to be worried about what people would think should they learned that the respondent necessary condoms dramatically diminished her probability to utilize condoms. The injunctive standard wouldn’t limited the relationship between descriptive norms and condom need. Young men who stayed nearer to a youth friendly solution (YFS) website are significantly more likely to have used condoms at last intercourse compared to those people that resided more far from a YFS site.